Sunday, 21 August 2011

Guidelines for creating Accounting Logos

Accounting logos are attached with words like credibility, liability and assets. When we speak of an accounting firm, there is nothing informal that may be considered and this is where accounting logos come into play. Hence the logo design for an accounting firm should depict its own financial stability, sustainability and trustworthiness.
Below are few easy tips to help you know how to make a successful accounting logo.

Color Tip:
While using colors in accounting logos, one must remember that it should represent a formal graceful look to the entity. Using light and bright colors can create a negative impression on the corporate identity.

Symbol Tips:
It is important for an accounting logo, to depict what the company has to offer to its clients. For accounting logos, symbols depicting money, currency, scales, calculators and financial graphs exhibit the best corporate image.

Font Tips:
Reiterating the above point, fonts must also be formal and graceful in accounting logo designs. The better options would be to use the ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Arial’ and ‘Helvetica’ fonts. Casual font type like ‘Comic Sans’ or ‘Monotype Corsiva’ can ruin the professional image of the logo design.

10 Creative Punctuation Based Logo Designs

Punctuation can be very effective in logo design. It can serve as a conclusion for the logo, or be used creatively to make a design that conveys a message about the company logo. In any case, the use of punctuation marks in the logo design is greatly increased in couple of years.

Here are 10 punctuation-based logo designs from some of the most creative logo designers around the internet.

Punctuation Logo 1

Punctuation Logo 2

Punctuation Logo 3

Punctuation Logo 4

Punctuation Logo 5

Punctuation Logo 6

Punctuation Logo 7

Punctuation Logo 8

Punctuation Logo 9

Punctuation Logo 10

Features of Successful Accounting Logos

A properly crafted logo design means more sales for a business.  A logo, which meaningfully conveys your business to the clients, is a successful logo. Similarly, in accounting business your logo should be simple yet meaningful.

An effective accounting logo should be well-thought and simple, so it could be easily understood and remembered by the customers.

Below are few salient features which can help creating successful accounting logos:
  • An Accounting logo should be simple and sophisticated. A frilly or decorative logo will not be appropriate for a serious business like accounting.
  •  Formal and clean fonts should be used for accounting logos. Fonts such as ‘Times New Roman’ and ‘Arial’ will deliver the company message clearly.
  • Keep colors to a minimal for accounting logos. A gaudy and loud logo design can make your accounting business appear non-professional. Prefer using shades of greens and blues.
  • Never make an accounting logo too busy and complicated using different types of symbols. Try using some monetary symbol or a building image to convey the stability and success of your company.
  • For an accounting logo, always place your business name below the logo design, in an endeavor to gain maximum exposure and recognition among clients.

In a nutshell, when it comes to design professional accounting logos, we should try following all the above given aspects. Always remember, a successful accounting logo will surely help you attain a professional image among its solemn and serious clients.