Sunday, 21 August 2011

Features of Successful Accounting Logos

A properly crafted logo design means more sales for a business.  A logo, which meaningfully conveys your business to the clients, is a successful logo. Similarly, in accounting business your logo should be simple yet meaningful.

An effective accounting logo should be well-thought and simple, so it could be easily understood and remembered by the customers.

Below are few salient features which can help creating successful accounting logos:
  • An Accounting logo should be simple and sophisticated. A frilly or decorative logo will not be appropriate for a serious business like accounting.
  •  Formal and clean fonts should be used for accounting logos. Fonts such as ‘Times New Roman’ and ‘Arial’ will deliver the company message clearly.
  • Keep colors to a minimal for accounting logos. A gaudy and loud logo design can make your accounting business appear non-professional. Prefer using shades of greens and blues.
  • Never make an accounting logo too busy and complicated using different types of symbols. Try using some monetary symbol or a building image to convey the stability and success of your company.
  • For an accounting logo, always place your business name below the logo design, in an endeavor to gain maximum exposure and recognition among clients.

In a nutshell, when it comes to design professional accounting logos, we should try following all the above given aspects. Always remember, a successful accounting logo will surely help you attain a professional image among its solemn and serious clients.

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