Tuesday, 14 February 2012

6 Techniques to Maintain Logo Design Clients – Upholding Loyalty!

It is an indisputable fact that clients are the source of income for any business but here I will talk only about logo designers. In this world of stiff competition, it is difficult to find logo design clients. But what is even more painstaking is to maintain a long-term and stable relation with them. It is also a proven fact that it costs more to find new customers than to retain old ones. Hence, the importance of maintaining your client base is irrefutable.
Most logo designers focus on short-term relationship with their clients. Their core aim is to complete the project in hand and move on with other customers. However, one must remember that maintaining your clients stabilizes your revenues and brings in newer customers as well. Hence, designers must learn how to retain their existing clientele and reap benefits from it. Here are some ways that will help you in maintaining cordial relations with your clients:

1. Use Fast and Convenient Communication

The first thing that you need to do is adopt a communication process that is fast and convenient for your logo design business. You wouldn’t want your client to stop contacting you just because it is inconvenient for him to do so. Long gone are the days when business correspondence was done via postal service. In the age of internet, you must use fast and expedient methods with the client like email and tweets so as to encourage further dialogue.

2. Make an Occasional Call

In order to sustain a pleasant and cordial relation with the client, keep in touch with them through phone calls. Give him an occasional ring...[READ MORE]

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